Digital competencies in a post-covid world - Workshop for youth

  • 29 September 2022, 6 p.m. - 29 September 2022, 7:30 a.m.
  • Famagusta Avenue Garage
  • With face-to-face presence
  • English

In the context of the Eramus+ project Imedial-Increasing MEDIA Literacy skills of adults to fight misinformation, fake news and cyberbullying, Center for Social Innovation is organizing a playful workshop designed for youth about digital competencies in a post-covid world, hosted by Famagusta Avenue Garage. Unfortunately pandemic is well connected with false information. That means we need to increase our skills on media literacy, and fight misinformation, fake news and cyberbullying. We will play and learn more about this subject using the Imedial App! Don't miss it! The workshop will be in English. For registrations:

Booking: Booking possible, but not necessary
Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown
Related to the Conference on the Future of Europe: No
Organised by National Coordinators: No
Sign language interpretation: No

  • More Details

    Organised by:

    Center for Social Innovation

    Organisation Website:

    Age Range:

    14-17χρ., 18-24χρ., 25-30χρ., 31-34χρ.

    Activity Topics:

    'Επιμόρφωση για ΜΜΕ & παραπληροφόρηση', 'Ευρωπαϊκά προγράμματα νεολαίας'

    Youth Goals this activity is linked to:

    'Πληροφόρηση & Εποικοδομητικός διάλογος'